FAA Cafeteria

Hawthorne Federal Building
Hawthorne, CA

Project Approach and Relevant Features

The design involved a major remodel of the cafeteria seating area at the Hawthorne Federal Building. The goal of the redesign was to create a contemporary restaurant feel that would attract users and improve their experience.

The design included a variety of seating options, including booths, banquettes and tables for customers who wished to relax and high counter seating for those on the run. The design also included lounge seating areas for a relaxed, conversational experience.

The project included new finishes throughout, primarily dominated by warm, transparent wood surfaces. Ceiling heights were varied to provide both open and private dining areas. All new light fixtures were included, as well as, motorized shading and controls on the existing, large curtain wall system which comprised one side of the cafeteria.
Self-help space was also provided to allow users to warm or mix their own meals. Convenient recycling stations supported the facility’s waste management program.

Brokaw Design was the electrical engineer and lighting designer. Charles Beavers was the project manager while with Interactive Resources.

Design has been completed and construction is awaiting funding. The estimated construction cost is $740,000.

Client-Focused Solutions and Benefits

The design team worked closely with the building staff including preparing alternative layouts for the seating, material options for all finishes, and realistic interior perspectives to demonstration how the various options will look.