825 Renovation

Hercules, CA

Modernizing the systems and improving the working environment were the challenges at this 20,000 square foot corporate office building in Hercules, CA. Raising the ceiling and replacing the light fixtures with new suspended light fixtures providing both up and down light greatly improved the feeling and comfort in open office areas where a previous low and dark ceiling combined with glaring light left occupants uncomfortable. Updating all interior finishes provided users with a warm, contemporary work environment.

Mechanical, electrical and lighting systems were upgraded with energy-efficiency and reliability as the primary goals.

Careful attention was paid to the design of the numerous training rooms, including the options for arranging furniture for varying teaching scenarios, the most appropriate lighting, and how the audio-visual systems will accommodate present and future technologies.

Independent testing of the windows lead to a determination of how the windows were leaking and a strategy for their replacement along with a new waterproof coating system around the entire exterior.

Brokaw Design provided electrical and lighting design. Charles Beavers was the project manager while with Interactive Resources.